231017 – Lovely Lake

Oh my author your writing a day log and not a chapter you must be proud, let me answer that me yes now I don’t see the importance but lets just start writing about the Lovely Lake Hike…

It all began on a early monday morning in Squamish BC and by early I mean around 8:00am so not terrible! but still early so we headed off to the start of the trail (49.807419, -123.193547) well this is the parking zone and by parking zone I mean side of the road, but to get to the actual trail you need to cross the Squamish river easy right!? ah fuck no! now a river you say how difficult can that be well let me explain, imagine a river got that? now imagine a cable car line above the river but without the cable car part… do you see where I’m going with this? now we have to harness ourselves onto this cable car and drag yes drag ourselves across this cable above the river fun! No, not fun not one bit exhausting yes a lot exhausting and we haven’t even started the climb yet! now to cross this river took a solid 45minutes and it’s only a 150m crossing but it felt like an eternity!

Now onto the initial hike this hike involved an elevation gain of 1200m now thats pretty damn tall to put that into perspective its 2.8x the height of the CN tower with that out of the way we can talk about distance which in total was 12miles round trip and along the way it’s pretty interesting to see how the elevation effects the weather at the bottom in the maple trees and leafy trees its damp and reasonably warm and then you start to climb to the pine tree level where the trees become covered in moss and everything is sopping wet and the humidity is crazy high I was stripped down just to a t-shirt and sweating constantly! this isn’t good because as the elevation increases it becomes colder and the sweat becomes cold making your whole body cold but thankfully I have been wearing Marino Wool clothing **corporate praise here** this clothing gets wet but not cold like normal fabric it stays warm and drys super quick yes I love Icebreaker clothing it’s silly expensive but it’s worth every penny! now back to a regullary scheduled program!

Waterfalls, waterfalls was the key highlight of this hike you can hear the raging torrent of water around every corner and at least every 500m there is some form of creek or mini water flow it may not be the biggest but it’s still pretty cool but this water is pretty darn cold but clean, like crazy clean because this is glacial water and has little to no contaminates and dirt! I did fill my bottle numerous times and enjoyed the freshest water in my life! Now these waterfalls are more active than normal due to the amount of rainfall we have received in the past week pretty much constant rain fun times! but because of that it really made them more special and enjoyed them a lot more.

Climbing and crazy fucking steep hills was the main part of this hike the guide says that the last 1.5hours are the hardest and yes guide this is correct and it was hard, I was exhausted and had to take a breather every 50m or so just because after already hiking for 4 hours your body is already feeling it and every part aches but I did hit a stage where I stopped feeling anything like I felt completely refreshed which is the strangest feeling but at the same time super cool also at the last 30 minutes we stopped and had a bite to eat and holy fuck my internal batteries recharged fully and I was ready to go and pumped so we charged on to the peak which included the delightfully named Lovely Lake.

Peak! the peak was worth all of the effort it’s the most beautiful place I have seen mainly because the work behind getting there is crazy hard but also because It’s what I came to BC for to see lakes and mountains and thats exactly what we saw! Now imagination time imagine a ice cold lake on the left hand side there are snow peaked mountains and if you follow these until they slowly fade into a green hill where the rocks are exposed and the pine trees are that dark green and in the background you can see more of those snow peaked caps where the grey rock slithers are coming though giving the whole scene some depth and if you move your eyes to the foreground you’ll see some driftwood from old logs you can see that they are fully soaked and have been there for some time as they have signs of rot and a slight hint of some fresh green moss. this description will not do this scene justice and if you want to see it you’ll have to go up for yourself or just google search or just ask and I’ll cave in pretty sharpish!

Back to reality now the trip down was a blast sliding down the mountain in a breeze you have the odd tumble or slip and then you realise that one wrong move and its a good 150m fall of the side of a cliff but hey its not fun without danger right!? but really the way down was great not tiring at all which is a godsend as I don’t think my body could handle anymore! but every shining armour has a kink and our kink was that cable car line mentioned at the start of this log we had to make our way back across this river and this time during the sunset which made it more interesting as you can’t see shit because there aint no man made light in the middle of nowhere thank goodness 2 people bought there flashlights otherwise it would of been a disaster! but overall this hike was amazing and had a good time with friends and now looking at the next hike to do I’m currently hoping to do the 3 peaks on the chieftain but time will tell!




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