Chapter 10 – East to West

Well when I moved to Canada just less than a year ago I had 2 main goals number 1 was to see the ocean on the East Coast and West Coast that has been successfully completed as I have seen the ocean from Halifax NS and Vancouver BC Wahooo! and my second goal was to look out of a window and see a mountain I have completed that as well! by moving to the delightful town of Squamish whilst volunteering in a hostel for 3.5months till the end of January and after that date I have no idea what to do! maybe move back to Nova Scotia for 10 months and have a blast with Kyle and Becca but your guess is as best as mine!

So I have been at the Adventure Inn hostel for a week as of writing and it has felt like I have been here for ages! and I have been non-stop activities for that time this is my first forced day off for myself today so I’m updating the blog (thumbs up to avid readers) but I have started climbing and more bouldering I enjoy it a lot more me and heights aren’t on the greatest terms at the moment but with bouldering its not too high and more overhangs I’m not the best but man it’s fun to finally successfully complete a run especially with them blister ridden hands that are in the process of healing! that is until you rip them back open doing dumb shit like pulling yourself along a steel cable above a river (coming in a separate blog post)

But overall and so far my move to Squamish has been a good one bar the expensive food costs but hey thats what jobs are for eh! and the life  lesson of today is short and sweet and said by Sheila Buff “JUST DO IT”


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