Now since you clicked on “About” I’m sure you wanting to know more about the author of this blog, what is it’s purpose? why is it here? and most importantly who are you? great questions reader and I’ll answer those in order. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and events that are happening in my life and to allow me to reflect and change myself for the best. Why is it here? well good questions I have no real idea this blog isn’t widely known about and I want to complete a full year of writing before I publish it officially. and the last question Who are you? new paragraph time…

Ciarán the author of this blog is a 21 year old english born male, currently exploring the world at what could be seen as a young age in comparison to others, Ciarán dropped out of university in 2015 and ever since then wanted to do something more than others and push personal boundaries and learn more about the world in which he lives, so in December of 2015 Ciarán went to South East Asia a trip that at the time seemed insignificant but at the time of writing it changed his life in ways that couldn’t be imagined and within the year he applied for a visa to move to Canada on a whim and to his family’s surprise some happier than others, but looking back it was the best decision he ever made and he’s never been happier and really changed himself as a person for the better. And that’s who Ciarán is.


Ciarán – Living The Dream