Chapter 13 – It’s Always Sunny in Squamish

Oh dearest reader you’re still here after all of this time? My my you should have just gone and read something else as nothing to interesting has happened other that a few small life changing events! so before we get endowed in the dance of you first I shall take the biscuit and jump right in!

I have been in Squamish for just over 6 months and I have to say it’s been a rollercoaster and one that I wanted to keep riding over and over again but I could never quite put my finger on what made the ride so enjoyable was it the loop de loop at the mid point or was it the climb in the beginning allowing the ride to go full force and give you the thrill of existence or was it the ending where your adrenaline is still pumping though your veins and the endorphins run like a river through the soul? the answer is that not one part is the best part, but combined it makes the whole experience a fulfilling one and leaves a taste in the mouth that keeps you coming back for more as I found out.

Now I could spend hours upon hours of both mine and your time however I think that is better in a different form that of the spoken english language so what I’ll do is explain why Squamish has made such an impact on my life in such a short period of time.

My first few weeks in Squamish where lets say hard, it was the first time I had volunteered somewhere I was surrounded by people who at the time seemed very sporty and into their fields and friendship circles but looking back they where great people I just didn’t see it at the time as I forgot that everybody in this hostel was a traveler they aren’t just living day in day out they are there on their adventure just how I’m on my adventure and by speaking to one another we would have allowed ourselves to combine our experiences and create a whole new adventure slash friendship circle as shown in Chapter 12. But yes it did take some weeks to start to come out of my own shell and speak to others I still haven’t mastered to art of speaking to others but I’m 100% confident that those skills have improved 10 fold and they just keep getting better and better!

Well god dammit Ciarán you just went and left a blog post half finished didn’t you and now you want me future Ciarán to finish it don’t you? Well I can’t and won’t I can’t pick up on  a story from over half a year ago so I hope you enjoyed chapter 13 a half arsed adventure tune in next week for chapter 14 – Edale Home away from Home.