Chapter 3 – 1 Month Later

Star date 090117 I have embarked on the next mission Operation:Toronto I have had a eye opening experience in Halifax and after spending a month there I can now share my thoughts and outlook on my first month…

First of it was strange being away from home for over a month I know my friends have gone to university but that is only a few hours drive I’m whole flight away! that seems like a long way but in reality it’s nothing I can be home in less than 24hrs if it was called upon (like a spy, by spy I mean a Johnny English kinda spy) I have yet to feel the emotions of homesickness maybe I’m heartless or maybe It’s in my blood to be away from home for extended periods or it could just be that I have a FaceTime call every Sunday I do look forward to that (when I’ve had an interesting week) I mean sometimes It was like oh what have you been doing? “erm I watched TV and played Super Mario Run!” but back to adventure talk! I have seen many new and interesting things from a Lighthouse to a lake WOW, But really everything I have seen is beautiful maybe it’s because I’m easily pleased or maybe I’m genuinely happy with my new life who knows I mean I should but I don’t…

Now for Christmas this is my second Christmas away from home and this year I wasn’t in a hospital so that’s a bonus right!? So we drove up? left? down? Canada to New Brunswick a 6hr drive in the snow we arrived and it was dark at the time I was sad as I wanted to see the view but looking back I’m happy we didn’t waking up and looking out the window took my breath away a lake covered in snow was one of the most beautiful things I have seen It appeared to be endless apart from the coast at the other end which would make it end dammit. Now I know what your thinking where are the photos? well I mean I could show you a photo but I fear that it wouldn’t show the true beauty. But I suppose that’s the issue with photos there is no scale a mountain looks like a hill and a lake looks like a pond… On the topic of ponds back home we call the Atlantic ocean a pond so “America is just across the pond” but here on the lake it was literal America was on the other side of the pond also It was a portal to the past as there is a 1hr time difference that was pretty cool! So whilst in the middle of nowhere I did things I never would of thought of doing… ATV, Skeet Shooting (I’m pretty good *insert trumpet blowing here*), Snow Shoeing, Ice Skating ON A LAKE!, Skiing (tumbling down a hill in style) all new experiences and all of them I wish to pursue in the future! But looking back It didn’t feel real I don’t know if everybody has this feeling but I know that I did those things but at the same time it doesn’t feel real I felt the same about South East Asia I was there I have photos and videos but they don’t feel real anybody can take a photo but few can tell a story. (can I tell a story or just tell my minds story hmmm) But as I write this once again on a plane cruising at a speed maybe it’s the cabin air or maybe it’s because I have no power nothing I can do I can let my mind wonder and instead of thinking about it I can write it down and share this thoughts with some stranger. I digress more I should really be talking about Toronto…

Toronto why there? you ask well I’ve always had an interest in living in a city the busyness the things to do the sights to see it just excites me it’s an adventure within an adventure all the different mini communities within a large one little Italy, Portugal, China new food man I love food! I hope it’s what I have in my mind maybe It’s completely different I suppose I’ll find out in less than 2hrs… But before I settle down I need to catch a train from the airport to the house at a station called bloom? blorg? something B I’ll find it trust me and then 15ish minute walk yay with my life on my back I still find that amusing that I’m attempting to live out of a backpack for 2 years I still think it’s insane but so far I’ve loved it limited cloths is the best no huge decisions of what to wear and I can’t buy anything so I both love that and hate by that I mean I can buy food and water just nothing I need to take with me! But back to serious ish talk I’m also heading to a city for work I mean surely a city will have work dishwashing sure, IT Heck Yeah! I do hopefully have a phone interview in the coming days for an IT job in downtown Toronto (ideal work spot in my head) but only time will tell if I get that position! but for now I’m going to enjoy some music by Lulek playlist “good” I mean says what it does on the tin I Suppose…


301116 – A New Life

Star Date 301116 I have now arrived in my new home for the month, I now obtain a VISA that allows me to stay in Canacda for 2 years that finally put my mind to rest I can now focus on the next stages of this adventure! so this morning I woke to my now new home I felt disorientated almost like I had forgot what had happnend maybe thats what happens when you start over again! However it was raining so it felt just like home! I headed to the shower had some ceral called EDGE (what a wierd name) and then put on my jumper raincoat and headed off for a walk to the local shopping complex or something along those lines! I was the only person walking turns out everybody here drives even if it is only a 5-10minute walk anyway I went to a very well known coffee establishemnt Tim Hortons other coffee esablishemtns are available… turns out they only sell black drip coffee AWESOME! the server seemed odly satisified when I spoke almost like a trance so I’m
going to say that my smooth british voice is a thing people will notice but not talk about. So I took my black coffee to a nice corner and watched the world go by whilst listoning to how the locals speak it varies by age so the younger people have a very subtle accent whilst the elderly have a brouder accent that doesn’t suprise me in the least. after a few moments of that I logged onto the WiFi let my mum know that I was safe and settling in that filled me with ease and I’m sure my mum was happier after that. After my morning coffee I headed to the local bank to set up a meeting for a Canadian bank account and that’s going to be Star Date 011216. However this will not be posted until 011216 as
the place I currenlty reside doesn’t have WiFi. Status update I’ve been enjoying listoning to the Tri-Force podcast and Lukes Good playlist thank god for being able to download music and podcasts! Currently off to a local grocery (supermarket) to grab some supplies did you know that you can’t buy beer or spirits in a place that also sells food, that was a surprise also your average person will drive from one store to another even if it’s a 30 second walk now that is the biggest cluture shock, my dad said it was the same when he was living in America and it was one of the reasons why he came back to the UK, hopefully when I live in Toronto it will be differnt again but only time will tell I suppose. So me and Kyle headed off for the grocery store and on the way went to see the ocean now I’ve seen the ocean many many times but this was differnt it was a cold almost storm like condidtions overcast smooth stones insead of sand. And knowing that my hope was about
5000miles away felt strange it felt homely but at the same time I felt like I was home. after our trip to the ocean we headed to a meat market I can say one thing meat is crazy expesnive like double price to the UK and maybe half the amount of meat but what can you do about it… we then headed to the local Sorbys (Tesco) grabbed the basics bread, vegtables, salmon blah blah… cooked some sausage in spagetti was pretty great had a few beers and then we reminised on our time in Thailand looked back on the photos and shared our stories and relived the moments that caused a friendship to be born.

Chapter 2 – Day Of Travel

Star Date 291116 I’m currently sitting down in the depature lounge at Boston Airport, I can tell you one thing I now understand TSA jokes a lot more. I also understand why the American imigration system gets so much guff. 50 questions to collect my bag and I’m not even stopping in the country I’m mearly passing through to the land of great Canada! I had to explain how the Visa worked and that I don’t have a job lined up I’m spending christmas on holiday jeez. Anyway after 15 minutes of that I had to collect my bag carry it down the
corridor and check it back in (what a system…) I mean when I went to Thailand I went via Doha no issues no bag checking no passport no security bliss. But now i’m currenlty sat in a lounge waiting around for 3 hours tried to buy some water they don’t accept my
homeland money so I had a walk around debating whether or not to ask a stranger to convert GBP to USD but I have yet to ask time shall tell I suppose. Time has passed and I report I haven’t asked anybody to exchange money. I decided to go to Dunkin Doughnut to grab a coffee, I ask if they accept GBP they don’t do you accept Apple Pay? yes great went to pay *Card Declined* fuck I decide to try and just use plastic and she said just swipe here, (blank look) “swipe?” I swipe my card transaction successful I was both super confused and very concerned swipe not insert no contactless man the UK has ruined me. However super cheap coffee $1.19 for a small latte wow pretty nice coffee I might add.

Currently sat in the departure lounge again waiting for my flight only 20 minutes to boarding hurray! they called my name for a check of paperwork call of the tannoy “Cierra Stokes” sounded like sierra I went up and said Hi Ciarán Stokes, the guy seemed very confused saying that people back home can’t pronounce my name so I’m buggered here oh well just call me Orange Thunder! Boarding time had finally arrived walked down the shute to the plane and it’s a propeller plane. I was both super excited and super nervous as I had never flown in a propeller aircraft so we taxi to the runway pretty smooth but at take off it felt like the whole plane was going to shake itself to pieces however when we reached cruising alititude it was pretty smooth until drinks where being served (turbulance alawys hits when food/drinks are being served) So there I’am grasping my drink so it doesn’t go anywhere but after that spat all was fine came to leaving the plane I sneezed and 4 people said bless you and that’s when I knew I had arrived in Canada.

Chapter 1 – In The Begining

I’m currenty 2 hour away from landing in Boston USA and decided to continue working on an old web project I had started over a year ago when I wanted to travel and see the world after coming back from South East Asia. my basic HTML and CSS are slowly coming back to me but it’s starting to make sense (thank god) so after findig this HTML file I picked up where I left off and thought I should satrt from the begining of how I’ve ended up on this flight. Ignore all HTML & CSS comments I moved to Blogspot because I’m lazy sue me…

It all started off on Star Date 111215 in a hotel in central Bangkok I had just arrived to my room to find what at the time was just a voice coming from the bathroom, I lay down on the bed and my first words where “I’m Shattered” and at that moment I realised my roomate wasn’t from the UK his reaction will always stick with me the look of confusion on his face will always stick with me. He responds with “Shattered?” I respond “you know Knackered”, once again I was greeted with this look of confusion I correct myself and say “you know tired”. FINALLY he understood and at that moment I knew that we would become very good friends I can tell you one thing I was not wrong!

Over the next 10 days I had single handedly the greatest time of my life and knew that I was finally happy with myself and what I had accomplished after spending time up in Chang Mai and living with the local in the forests to rafting down the river for an ungodly amount of time and with a palm full of blisters, Nothing a beer could resolve and I can say one thing within those 10 days I had drunk more beer than I have in my entire life. Alas all good things must come to an end mine and Kyles trip together had come to an end and we went our sperate ways I headed south towards Malaysia and Singapore whilst Kyle explore Thailand just a little more. We exchanged contact details and have stayed in contact ever since. (I will write about my South East Asia trip in another chapter)

After arriving back in the UK in January I was informed that Kyle would be visiting London for a few days my eyes lit up with excitement (It’s like guylove from Scrubs) We all met in London for the weeked we had good food and good beer there is a story about Guinness that can have a whole chapter… It was nearing the end of our meetup and Kyle pops the question (not marriage) would you like to come to Canada. My heart both felt full and felt empty it’s a big thing to respond to so as a sensible young adult I slept on it and after seeing what my options where I agreed. It didn’t seem real, something seemed off but looking back now with 1 hour away from landing in Boston it still doesn’t feel real I can’t beleive I’ve left my job my family behind I knew this day would come eventually but I still can’t belive it and I hope that this feeling never goes but it will it will sink in sometime soon. maybe on Star Date 251216 2nd christmas away from home maybe I can spend this on outside of a Hospital (another chapter right there) And that’s how  ended up moving to Canada.

Chapter 0 – A New Hope

Well here we go starting a blog created and hosted by yours truely… Please do ignore any bad formating and please for the love of any future reader ignore grammar and spelling just enjoy the words, I’m new ok! I digress this is a way for me to share my experinces in a new and fun way not via social networks and not by likes and hearts a way to just say what needs to be said and on that cheery note let’s begin with Chapter 1 – In The Begining