301116 – A New Life

Star Date 301116 I have now arrived in my new home for the month, I now obtain a VISA that allows me to stay in Canacda for 2 years that finally put my mind to rest I can now focus on the next stages of this adventure! so this morning I woke to my now new home I felt disorientated almost like I had forgot what had happnend maybe thats what happens when you start over again! However it was raining so it felt just like home! I headed to the shower had some ceral called EDGE (what a wierd name) and then put on my jumper raincoat and headed off for a walk to the local shopping complex or something along those lines! I was the only person walking turns out everybody here drives even if it is only a 5-10minute walk anyway I went to a very well known coffee establishemnt Tim Hortons other coffee esablishemtns are available… turns out they only sell black drip coffee AWESOME! the server seemed odly satisified when I spoke almost like a trance so I’m
going to say that my smooth british voice is a thing people will notice but not talk about. So I took my black coffee to a nice corner and watched the world go by whilst listoning to how the locals speak it varies by age so the younger people have a very subtle accent whilst the elderly have a brouder accent that doesn’t suprise me in the least. after a few moments of that I logged onto the WiFi let my mum know that I was safe and settling in that filled me with ease and I’m sure my mum was happier after that. After my morning coffee I headed to the local bank to set up a meeting for a Canadian bank account and that’s going to be Star Date 011216. However this will not be posted until 011216 as
the place I currenlty reside doesn’t have WiFi. Status update I’ve been enjoying listoning to the Tri-Force podcast and Lukes Good playlist thank god for being able to download music and podcasts! Currently off to a local grocery (supermarket) to grab some supplies did you know that you can’t buy beer or spirits in a place that also sells food, that was a surprise also your average person will drive from one store to another even if it’s a 30 second walk now that is the biggest cluture shock, my dad said it was the same when he was living in America and it was one of the reasons why he came back to the UK, hopefully when I live in Toronto it will be differnt again but only time will tell I suppose. So me and Kyle headed off for the grocery store and on the way went to see the ocean now I’ve seen the ocean many many times but this was differnt it was a cold almost storm like condidtions overcast smooth stones insead of sand. And knowing that my hope was about
5000miles away felt strange it felt homely but at the same time I felt like I was home. after our trip to the ocean we headed to a meat market I can say one thing meat is crazy expesnive like double price to the UK and maybe half the amount of meat but what can you do about it… we then headed to the local Sorbys (Tesco) grabbed the basics bread, vegtables, salmon blah blah… cooked some sausage in spagetti was pretty great had a few beers and then we reminised on our time in Thailand looked back on the photos and shared our stories and relived the moments that caused a friendship to be born.


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